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Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology

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Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology

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Origin Academy is an educational platform for both offline and online classes. Origin Academy’s founder (IIT Alumni) had dreamed of giving the best education and career guidance to career seekers to achieve their best from us.

At Origin Academy, we provide the best learning environment for our students and learners. We encourage an interactive classroom, community support, experienced teachers, and constant observation for holistic learning.

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A four-walled time-framed ambience

It was the journey of 2 years of preparation for IIT-JEE with Sourav Sir that made problems a challenge to go through positively, with the motivation of learning new things. I still remember how he made every small thing seem so interesting with his imaginations and explanations. Classes with him were much more than a four-walled time-framed ambience. His examples, the attitude which made everything so simple and achievable are things that cross my mind even now. His assistance in those 2 years not only helped me score good marks but made me grow as a person.

Prachi Agarwal

B.Tech Computer Science, NIT Kurukshetra

Logic and concept-oriented

Sourav Sir’s classes aim to teach the students logic and concept-oriented way to breakdown complex looking questions/problems/numerical into finer parts that are easier to understand, grasp and subsequently solve, giving students the ability to approach questions in a unique and efficient way, which when combined with his strategies on how to approach a particular exam gives every student an added advantage. As someone who has attended his classes and has enjoyed every class, the scope of application of the methods learnt in his classes are diverse and lifelong. Thus, attending his classes are a must for every student that aims for a conceptual and logical yet exam oriented way of learning.

Amrit Som

MBBS, Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education and Research, SSKM Hospital, Kolkata

In-depth understanding

I am a Graduate Researcher at Caltech in the field of Quantum Information with a focus on AdS/CFT. Prior to that, I did my BS-MS at IISER Kolkata following my high school education. At the juncture of high school and university, I was extremely fortunate to join the classes conducted by Mr Kumar Sourav as a part of my prep for IIT JEE Exams. While I had attended similar prep before, it didn’t take long to recognize the differences of approach by Mr Saurav and the others. The lectures followed a thematic approach insisting on an in-depth understanding of the material rather than rote learning or tricks to enhance scores in the exam. Such an approach has since helped me immensely in my career ahead both as a researcher and a teacher. I would, therefore, like to wholeheartedly recommend Mr, Sourav as a teacher of acumen and merit.

Rajashik Tarafdar

PhD Quantum Physics, Caltech USA

Always engaging and interactive

Kumar Sourav sir’s classes were always engaging and interactive. He made a lot of us come out of our shells to actively participate in classroom discussions by encouraging questions and telling us that “no question is stupid”. His relaxed approach and the ability to explain difficult concepts in an accessible way made him an excellent teacher. His teaching played a great role in shaping my early understanding of nature, and along with other factors, motivated me to pursue a career in science. Currently, I am a PhD student in Physics at the University of Colorado Boulder and I am interested in theoretical condensed matter research.

PhD Physics UoC Boulder, USA

In-depth & enriching experience

I am Madhumitha, a student of Computer Science at the Singapore University of Technology and Design. I am also pursuing an Advanced Chemistry and Biology Honours course, thanks to the interest inculcated in the subject by teachers like Mr Sourav. Mr Sourav tutored me in Grade 12, one of the most important years in a student’s education, and I am thankful to have been taught by him. His method of teaching is unique- focusing on concept clarity and in-depth understanding rather than a rote learning. He encouraged me to think critically and apply logic and deduction at each step, instead of the mechanical way that the students of CBSE sometimes resort to. This was very helpful, it has equipped me with the knowledge and skills required to handle any hallenging question I encounter. Not only is he an excellent eacher, he is a great counselor too, and assisted us in making decisions regarding our further studies. It has been an enriching experience being his student.

Madhumita Balaji

BS Computer Science, SUTD Singapore

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