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About us

Creativity Graphic Origin Academy

Origin Academy (OA) was founded with the vision to inculcate a higher standard of scientific thought in students. Our teaching philosophy is to transform our students from Consumers to Creators.

Founded by IIT and NUS alumni with over a decade of teaching experience, Origin Academy aims to bring high-quality coaching to students aspiring to secure a solid foundation in concepts. Excellence in school and competition exams is a the natural outcome of our teaching methodology.

We encourage an interactive classroom as we understand that experience, observation and valid questioning are essential levers for holistic learning. Origin Academy aims to shift the focus of education from simply memorizing a concept to applying it.

Our Mission

The stipulated campus brings in academic excellence by providing a wide range of quality courses and degrees which instills practical exposure and gain interesting experience to the applicants. We help in creating an environment where people with similar goals and aspirations meet. We aim to teach a winners attitude and high morale and ethic,s which lead them towards better personalities.

Our Vision

Bringing in grooming professionals in the society that brings the dynamic business worldandt and builds the world with their skills and experience. It gives flight to each student’s dreams and enables them to conquer the world with their scientific thinking and excellent exposure.

Our Founder

Kumar Sourav

B.Tech IIT Roorkee

An IITian by education and a teacher by heart & choice, I left a lucrative job in financial trading to carve a career for myself in education. I have over 10 years of teaching experience, focused on helping students reach their potential. My students have gone on to study in some of the most prestigious universities in the world.

Let's work together to gain
knowledge and experience!

We Origin Academy will work with our students together for their betterment.